Archive 10/2010 | Hypnotic Mistresses

All articles in archive 10/2010

Mistress Mercedes uses her pendulum to make you get into trance. She tells you that you are tired and need to close your eyes. And once you do so, she snaps her fingers and puts her virus on your brain! She implants several triggers just to make it impossible for you to escape her enslavement.

Wearing her black shiny costume Mistress Dangerous Temptation will fascinate you and make you become an addicted little looser to her. She moves her shiny ass in front of the camera and makes you stare at her. There is no escape for you and one thing is damn sure: After you have watched this clip you will be her slave.

Lady Lana will hypnotize you and give you some instructions. She won't tell you what these instructions are - but you'll follow them no matter how humiliating they're. You won't be able to resist once you're hypnotized by this dominant beauty.

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