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Lady Juely steps into her bathwater with her animal print panties and bra. All of her curves are dangerous, Hips that your tongue can slip and slide down. Her lips pokes out as she twists and turns in the water getting her whole body wet and slick. She takes her black thongs off and uses them as a pendulum for you to get hypnotized. Her brown wet hair flows down her shoulders while her eyes not once move from your direction.

This serious gal is playing no games. She demands your attention. She wants your total control. She holds her pendulum close to her face so the image cannot be erased from your mind. You become addicted to the flashing images and before you know it, she is brainwashing you. She wants your body, your money, and she wants you to be her slave. No verbal hypnosis needs to be used as the powerful image she displays proves to be enough.

Mistress Lady Juely's sexy eyes are making you weak. She teases you and makes you become a weak pathetic bitch for her. There is no way out than just obeying and performing as she says. This mistress will totally control you just by making you become hot...

Sexy Mistress Lady Juely wears her shiny latex leggings in this clip. She has combined them with red boots and a red top! She moves slowly in front of the camera to turn you on - looking at her gets you boiling and she knows how to deal with your addiction, so let yourself go...

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