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Lady Victoria is one dangerous temptation that you will become addicted to when she takes total control of you making you her hypnotized slave. She will use verbal hypnosis to brainwash you into giving her anything she tells you to do, she loves using financial domination to get what she wants teasing you and denying you her body and attention laughing at your hypnotic enslavement. This hypnotic femdom has no worries when it comes to you.

Lady Victoria is one dangerous temptation that will use her sexy red lips to brainwash you into giving her anything that she wants. This hypnotic femdom will have you brainwashed before you know it making you become addicted to watching her videos repeatedly. This is one tease and denial that you cannot avoid making you her slave . You better watch out for this hypnotic mistress because she will take you for everything you've got.

Gorgeous mistress Victoria is smiling as she hypnotizes you in this clip. She has great plans for you because after getting into a deep trance, she will make you do something dangerous, she will make you sign a borrower's note. Listen to her soft voice talking to you and making you become an addicted slave who has to pay his arrears every month...

Mistress Victoria has a nice game for you. She hypnotizes you with her sexy soft voice and makes you perform any wish and command. Then she gets to an exciting theme: Chastity. She wants you to wear a chastity device for her and believe it or not, after listening to this clips, you will be the proud owner of such a device - the sad part is: She will own the key ...

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