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Mistress Maria is a dangerous temptation, she will use verbal hypnosis to make you her personal slave where you will become addicted to her every need. She loves having total control over you by brainwashing you into doing her every bidding. This hypnotic femdom doesn't care how she gets what she wants creating a mental bondage between you her mindless slave and her your mind mistress. This mistress loves to use you!

Mistress Maria makes you focus her necklace while she makes you listen to her sexy soft voice. She tells you that you will be her slave and that you belong to her. After a few minutes of listening and looking on this nice jewelry you will have the important desire to please this Mistress...

Mistress Lady Lifestyle Diva Maria is talking to you in POV. She tells you about your pathetic life and that you are just good for being abused and wallet raped. She uses her sexy soft voice to make you weak an become a loyal pet to use for dirty perverted tasks especially for paypig tasks...

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