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Celine never ceases to fail in the sexy department. She knows just how to create a world of hypnosis with her hot red panties that no slave can resist. She is so addicting, and she knows it. She will make her slave's do insane things to keep her happy. She is the hardest of hard mistress's and she always gets what she wants with her powers.

When she answers the door to the hotel her look takes you off guard but instantly you are hooked once you look at those delicious green lips, perky breasts, and long eternity legs in black stockings and black high heels making her calves look out of sight! She wants you to pay attention to her soft voice and sharp pendulum so you can become addicted and do as this dangerous bitch orders you to do.

The blond gorgeous Mistress Melissa hypnotizes you! She sits on a black throne in a dark room and just uses the magical attribute of her sexy voice to make you become an addicted little pet. She tells you that it's needful to be her slave and that you have to submit yourself to her...

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