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Mistress Lady Money Princess shows you how her hypnotic attributes work on slaves. She has brainwashed a poor guy who is actually kneeling on the ground in front of her. As she snaps her fingers he gets on his hands and knees like a dog! One further snap makes him roll on his side... It seems that her hypnotic attributes are really working.

Mistress Tierra has figured out a very new and interesting way to make you become addicted to her. This clip is on special hypnotically clip between the others. It uses advanced techniques to really make you become addicted and have triggers installed in your brain. Teasing in combination with her soft voice and flashing colored graphics will drive you crazy...

Mistress Lisa Jordan makes you what you can do best: Jerking off! Over and over again she tells you how to use your little dick and how to jerk it for her. Her soft voice guides you through until you are about to cum but you won't be able to: This mistress controls your orgasm! You will and need to do whatever she tells you to be able to climax...

Mistress Dangerous Temptation will make you become totally helpless and addicted to her. She wears her sexy red fishnet nylons and high heels as she speaks slowly and hypnotically to you with her soft voice. You will feel the great desire to serve this Mistress and after you have watched this clip you will already have submitted to her.

This sexy young princess makes you become addicted using her pendulum. She sits right in front of you as she begins to swing it from left to right... After a while you will feel tired and close your eyes. This is the point of no return for you! After you felt into that kind of trance the Mistress will be able to control you. She implants several triggers inside your brain to make you become a useful slave.

Mistress Maria makes you focus her necklace while she makes you listen to her sexy soft voice. She tells you that you will be her slave and that you belong to her. After a few minutes of listening and looking on this nice jewelry you will have the important desire to please this Mistress...

Mistress Mercedes uses her pendulum to make you get into trance. She tells you that you are tired and need to close your eyes. And once you do so, she snaps her fingers and puts her virus on your brain! She implants several triggers just to make it impossible for you to escape her enslavement.

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