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Princess Lindsey Leigh has sweaty feet. She wants someone to smell and lick them for her as she sits and enjoy the sensation on her bare feet. She uses her sexy lips to seduce a foot slave over to her and do what she wants them to do. She stuffs her bare sweaty feet right into the slave's mouth.

This sexy brunette wants to make you her sex slave. As she holds her charming silver chain, she can't help but laugh. As she is trying to brainwash and take total control of you, shots of her sexy feet are shown. Foot hypnosis beings to happen and you become addicted. Her toned legs show with her black pantyhose and her red lingerie is begging to come off. She is a dangerous temptation but it is worth the risk.

These hypnotic stockings are made to hypnotize you making you pay anything to smell their special foot odor. The hypnotic femdom uses foot hypnosis giving you a bit of a foot tease making you want to give all your money for them, this is a dangerous temptation giving her total control of your spending habits making you addicted to those stockings. this hypnotic femdom will have you doing anything she wants so be careful.

Mistress Casandra's sexy bare feet will hypnotize you into ultimate submission. You won't ask any questions anymore. Casandra's words will be commands for you from now on - commands you'll follow at all cost!

Mistress Lexi controls your orgasm! She makes you kneel and stare at her marvelous and perfect feet. She keeps holding them right into your face and you are deadly teased by them. But of course you are not allowed to touch yourself until you have paid and spoiled this young and cute mistress...

The saudi Mistress knows about your pathetic foot fetish and she enjoys having your focus on her soles. She also knows that she has a great power over you and that she can completely control you by just moving her toes - who wouldn't do anything this beautiful mistress wants. Look at her perfect large soles and quit any other minds, just become her new foot slave...

Sexy Lady Nicole has something for you! It's her present - first you have to kneel down then she starts: First she shows off her sexy ass while she wears a nice Scottish skirt - next she keeps holding her stinky sweaty bare feet under your nose! "From now you will be doing everything I tell you to do, is that understand?" - that's all she says and you are totally under her control...

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