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Lady Gold is one hypnotic femdom who loves brainwashing you to give her whatever it is she wants, she loves having total control over you making you become addicted to watching her giving her whatever cash you have. This dangerous temptation all begins with a foot tease that will soon make her the money princess that she is trying so hard to become one slave at a time until she's had enough.

Goddess Danielle is in total control as she brainwashes you into giving her all your money and attention making it clearly known that she is a money princess making you addicted to licking the grime off of her boots seeing as she is in total control of you hypnotizing you with her hot body and dirty boots. She is one dangerous temptation that you will never be able to resist as long as you watch her videos.

Mistress Lexi controls your orgasm! She makes you kneel and stare at her marvelous and perfect feet. She keeps holding them right into your face and you are deadly teased by them. But of course you are not allowed to touch yourself until you have paid and spoiled this young and cute mistress...

Sexy Lady Nicole has something for you! It's her present - first you have to kneel down then she starts: First she shows off her sexy ass while she wears a nice Scottish skirt - next she keeps holding her stinky sweaty bare feet under your nose! "From now you will be doing everything I tell you to do, is that understand?" - that's all she says and you are totally under her control...

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