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Lisa Jordan is a dangerous temptation as she teases and denies her tits to you but uses her tits to hypnotize you into becoming addicted to her tits. She will have total control as she takes every bit of money making her a money princess as you are brainwashed to meet her every need and want as long as your hypnotized. This hypnotic femdom will make you want no one else but her.

Goddess Brittany verbally hypnotizes you to be under her total control brainwashing you into only following her orders of tease and denial from yourself unless she says so as well as giving her all the money you have in your possession. This is one dangerous temptation as this hypnotizing femdom makes you want her and only her with her ass and tits until she gets whatever it is she wants from you.

Goddess Danielle is in total control as she brainwashes you into giving her all your money and attention making it clearly known that she is a money princess making you addicted to licking the grime off of her boots seeing as she is in total control of you hypnotizing you with her hot body and dirty boots. She is one dangerous temptation that you will never be able to resist as long as you watch her videos.

Mistress Lady Victoria talks to you in pov. She tells you how sick and pathetic you are and she makes you totally weak with her soft voice and humiliating words. After watching this clip your desire to serve this adorable young mistress will grow rapidly fast. If you agree to her little "game" you will be lost...

Mistress Victoria is sitting on her devilish red couch as she talks to you. She tells you that she will be going to put you in trance and there will be nothing you can do against it. Then she starts to speak very slow and you feel tired and getting more tired from second to second - be careful, this young lady has found out how it goes! She knows how to reprogram you and this clip might get you into real trouble...

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